Can’t Date A Taller Girl In Singapore?

Height is said to be a very attractive physical trait in men, sometimes even more so than the face! This is especially true in Singapore where most girls think that their men’s height is a form of status symbol for them. Therefore, most shorter men in Singapore have a problem finding girls, compared to taller men, ceteris paribus.

However, if you love Singaporean girls, but can’t find a girl who’s shorter than you and is willing to accept you, then what should you do?

If you’re talking about long term relationships, then definitely find them through an online mobile app called PakTor! This is a local Singapore founded application where you can state your height there. I highly recommend that you state your actual height there, as girls can choose whom they want to date, and if you lie about anything on it, they probably will reject you in real life. However, if you do meet up, chances are, sparks would fly since they already know your physical disposition as well as your general persona through text messaging through the mobile application.

If you’re talking about short term relationships, you can overcome this issue if you’re a shorter man, as long as your pockets are deep. Having financial wealth is also a very attractive trait to women in Singapore (as is the case to most women living in different cities around the world). If you want a no hassles date, you can even consider hiring a Singaporean social escort. They’re not only beautiful but are usually very eloquent.