Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Women?

Did you know that crunches are about the WORST exercise for losing belly fat and toning up the tummy area for both men and women?

Here are the exercises which actually work if you want to lose weight and tone up your belly area!

  • Interval cardio
    Interval cardio is usually interval sprinting circuits. This basically mean that you sprint 10 to 20 metres for several rounds and stop. Then you repeat this cycle. This is very effective and is much shorter than ‘regular’ cardio which is jogging for 30-40 minutes! (Boring………)
  • Lower ab exercises
    Did you know that upper ab exercises will not target lower abs, but lower ab exercises will target BOTH upper AND lower abs? Why waste your time and effort on performing upper ab exercises such as crunches when you can see twice the results by focusing on lower ab exercises such as leg raises or alternating leg raises? Perform lower ab exercises if you want to see more muscle definition around your belly area. (not for building bulky stomach muscles, but to see ‘toned’ and slim muscles).
  • Core exercises
    Did you know that you should not just workout on your abdominal muscles if you want muscle definition there? You must also work on the opposing muscle group – your lower back muscles! If your opposing muscle group is weak, you cannot see effective results! Otherwise, your body will be severely imbalanced. Core exercises such as planks, or even lower back exercises such as superman exercise works great for strengthening your entire core as well as lower back muscles (which is a weak point for most women).

If you want to learn more, simply watch the following video by renowned women weight loss coach AlvinChua91.