Losing Stomach Fat Quiz – Do You Know The Answers?

Here are some great questions you should answer if you want to lose belly fat or stomach fat.

  1. Do you know what’s the best exercise to lose stomach fat?
    The answer is interval cardio. The second best exercise is lower ab exercises such as leg raises and alternating leg raises.
  2. Do you know what’s the foods you should avoid eating if you want to lose stomach fat?
    Surprise! It’s not fatty food. It’s also not ‘tidbits’. It’s not cookies. It’s actually simple carbs and simple sugars! These food will spike your insulin levels, which then decreases your metabolism rate. This then makes it significantly more difficult to lose weight!!! That’s bad.
  3. Are long workouts or short workouts better for losing stomach fat?
    Short workouts which are very intense are almost always much more effective for weight loss. This is because when your workouts are too long, your cortisol level rises quickly, and that causes your metabolism to slow down. Additionally, you will find it harder to lose fat.
  4. How often should you workout?
    The best frequency is around 4 to 5 times a week. This is best frequency for working out to see optimum weight loss results. By working out 2 days in a row and then resting for 1-2 days, and then repeating this cycle, you will be able to see results without over training. This is also the case for beginners.