Why I Chose Social Escorts Over Clubbing

At the end of the day, whether guys in Singapore admit it or not, most guys go to clubs to try to get a girl. However, I find that a cumbersome way to get a girl, and instead I decided to make a permanent decision to choose social escort girls over clubbing girls. If you want a agency in Singapore, then you may want to check out SG VIP Escorts.

Here are some of the reasons why I chose social escorts over clubbing girls.

From my experience in Singapore, clubbing girls are a little ‘low-class’ and ‘ah lians’ generally speaking. Other than at certain university events, most girls at clubs are just girls who are desperate for male attention. Some Singaporean girls tend to argue that they go to clubs because they want to drink. In my opinion, that is nonsense. If you want to drink, you can go to high class restaurants or go buy wine and drink in the comfort of your home, why should you go to clubs?

Second of all, most of the girls I have ended up with after clubbing were half drunk or completely drunk and crazy. Why would I continue this madness when it’s so unenjoyable to hang out with such girls for the rest of my life? I would rather pick a girl who is eloquent and can talk properly to me while staying sober. Of course, I can date girls from elsewhere but I am not looking for a long term relationship now.

Third of all, there is no guarantee that there will be available girls to date or bring home when I go to the clubs in Singapore. On certain days, there will be so many guys and so few girls. Being with a social escort means a guaranteed date. It’s so much easier than trying to pick a girl from a club! And sometimes, when my game is off, I may not get a girl from the club, whereas with a social escort, I’m guaranteed to go home or out with one beautiful girl.

From that time on when I first found out about social escort services, I got hooked onto the instant gratification nature at a relatively low cost, and its simplicity of ordering. I recommend that you check out a social escort agency in Singapore instead of going to clubs and try to pick up girls if you want a guaranteed fun time with a beautiful girl with no strings attached (e.g. short term dating).