Being An Escort – High Paying Part Time Job In Singapore?

Many female students who want to go for further studies and/or buy expensive and classy handbags will probably need to turn to working at least a part time job to fund their lifestyle. Unless you were born in a rich family, buying handbags and living the life is far from being affordable in Singapore. Most women who are in universities hence work on a part time basis too.

However, a quick mental calculation will show you that it is not possible for you to work a McDonald’s job or random telemarketing Recruit Express job for $5 to $7 / hour and expect that to pay for your school fees. They cannot even pay for your monthly food and transport expenses!

If you are a girl who’s aged between 18 and 25, what other legal part time jobs can you work as while getting a lot of money? You can either be a model or an social escort. This is especially easy for you to achieve if you are an attractive looking woman. Being a model is however only very lucrative if you are in the top 0.0001% of the talent pool. Anything else, you will only make a miserable income. However, you just need to be in the top 20% of escorts to be making a decent $2 to $5k/month while working part time.

Escorts in Singapore make between $150 to $400 per hour of engagement, and if you are attractive and know how to treat clients well, you will get a lot of jobs coming your way, and making upwards of $1000 per week is not unheard of. If you are in the top 1% of the escort pool, then you can make even 5 figures per month working part time! (Disclaimer: This is quite rare and only an extremely small % of all social escorts in Singapore make 5 figures per month consistently. However, $1-5k per month with only a few hours worked is the norm.)

The easiest way to find clients is to actually join a registered and licensed agency in Singapore, as they will be able to act as your additional layer of privacy protection, and help you get clients while you work on your day job or go to your university classes. There is no need for you to worry as long as you join a good agency. Therefore, take your time to research and join only reputable ones i.e. SG VIP Escort, check out their Linkedin here.

Escort agencies pay you on a per job basis. Therefore, such commission based jobs are ideal for the students who are in universities, as the time commitment required is minimal as well, as most engagements are just between 1 to 3 hours long. Other part time jobs will never allow you to have such flexible hours, which is necessary if you already have a day job and/or are studying in university.

Of course, Singapore is considered a relatively culturally conservative country, and despite the sheer legality of escort services in Singapore, it is still relatively taboo. If you can deal with that, work with a reputable, licensed and privacy centric agency, you can make a lot more money than all of your peers simply by working part time as a paid female companion in Singapore!

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