How To Get A Singaporean Girl – Tips For Local Men

wooing a Singaporean lady

If you want to get a Singaporean girl, and yet the topic makes you have a headache, you probably need to read this post right now!

Here are some tips for local men:

  • There is a false perception that girls in Singapore prefer Caucasian men. That’s not true, it’s a false perception. The underlying reality that causes that perception to appear is that most Caucasian men are just more direct with what their desires are, and thus appear more confident. Of course, them being taller generally speaking helps too, but many Singaporean men are considered tall too around 175cm. Remember, always be direct with a girl with your desires. If you observe Caucasian men when picking up Singaporean girls, the only difference is that they are not afraid of being rejected in their face and they have no hesitations in letting the girls know that they are deeply interested in them! This is attractive to girls. So make sure to be very confident – by being yourself and not worrying about what girls think of you.
  • Work out! This definitely helps you get girls no matter where you are, and in Singapore too. Having a really fit body will naturally help you attract girls to you like moths to a nightlight without you even trying hard.
  • Work hard! Money is attractive to girls, because it represents financial freedom to live however they want as well as buy whatever they want. Solid financials in a man also signals to a girl that he is a worthy and stable provider. You don’t have to be a billionaire, but being a multi millionaire certainly doesn’t hurt! Also, if you really can’t be bothered with dating, then just pick up a local, Singaporean social escort girl from a local agency you can find online like
  • Never put yourself down – you’re far better than you think you are in your best dreams, and way more than that! So many men in Singapore are so low in confidence. That’s disgusting to girls. Make sure that you never put yourself down and be confident. Of course, you cannot just be confident by telling yourself to be confident. In fact, everyday, focus on improving yourself in every aspect of dating life (health, wealth, personality, texting skills e.t.c.) and you will become confident naturally even if you don’t want to! That’s the magic of self-improvement.
  • Finally, always take action! No matter how attractive you are, you will never be able to find a girl if no girls in Singapore knows you exist and you don’t talk to them! If you are not the type that likes to talk, then at least go out and not camp in your home all day long!

Hopefully the above tips will help you get a girl in Singapore.

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