Why It’s Really Safe To Be A Social Escort In Singapore

Some girls who want to join the industry are afraid that their agencies they join will force them to meet less than desirable men, or that the dates will turn out violent. However, this is far from the reality in Singapore, and it has to do with the nature of the industry.

Many Singaporean people don’t understand the difference between prostitutes and social escorts, so when you hear of stories, what you are really hearing about is stories about prostitutes.

Prostitutes’ customers are all quite dodgy looking, are usually poor and belong to the lower rungs of society in terms of their social status. Customers are usually taxi drivers, toilet cleaners, e.t.c. Therefore, when you hear of the ‘horror’ stories spread by people in Singapore supposedly about the social escort industry, you’re actually hearing horror stories about prostitution industry in Singapore.

Social escort customers (e.g. of agencies such as https://www.pinterest.com/richardvip/)are actually mostly top bankers, lawyers, wealthy businessmen, e.t.c. who are just single, cannot find a soulmate and are perhaps somewhat socially awkward when it comes to interacting with women. They are very wealthy people and have a lot to lose, usually much more to lose than you if they were to get caught for doing dodgy stuff. Therefore, it’s completely not a concern.

So your next question may be then, why would there be such a big difference in the type of clientele?

This is because social escort agencies charge upwards of $400-600 for just 1 hour of engagement. Since most people engage social escorts for 1 to 3 hours, it costs roughly $1000++. Additionally, it would cost generally $5000 to $15000 just to engage you for a public event such as a gala dinner or business convention meeting. This is about 20-100 times the price of what a person would pay for a prostitute. Simply because of the much higher price range, lower end customers are all weeded out instantly.

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