Best Women Weight Loss Coaches In The World?

There are lots of weight loss coaches and personal trainers around the world, but obviously, just having¬†the title does not make them qualified. Oddly, there are increasingly more false information put out there in the Internet because many unqualified people (‘coaches’ who have never lost weight successfully or coached anybody to do so before) try to teach others just to make a living. That is unethical. In this article, I shall share with you only the best and honest weight loss coaches who are worth their salt below.

AlvinChua91 (

One of the most viewed women weight loss coaches YouTube channels ever, AlvinChua91’s methods focus on purely weight loss. If you need to lose weight only fast, his methods are perfect for you. This means that his channel is perfect for women who want a feminine and slim body (similar to most Hollywood and Korean stars) but not suitable for those who want a muscular female body. If you want to lose weight and you idolize Hollywood and Korean actresses, then AlvinChua91’s channel is a good place to start and learn. You must subscribe to AlvinChua91 if you want to learn

Joanna Soh (

Another highly popular and acclaimed YouTuber on the subject of female fitness, she focuses more on overall fitness rather than just weight loss. This means that versus AlvinChua91, her methods work slower if you want to lose weight fast. But there are still tons of gold nuggets within her advice, as she shares with you overall dieting and fitness tricks. Do follow her as well.

There are also a lot of good channels out there, but I personally think that AlvinChua91 and Joanna Soh are the very best when it comes to actionable tips (e.g. you can actually put into immediate use their techniques and then quickly see results!*)

*If you put in the effort and time!!!!